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Sociology – Anthropology Double Major

The disciplines of sociology and anthropology take distinct but complementary approaches to studying human behavior. A double major in sociology and anthropology, therefore, offers students a robust, wide-ranging perspective on humans as biological and social beings.

A double major in sociology and anthropology is very doable with some careful planning. Students double-majoring in Sociology and Anthropology complete the requirements for both majors and may cross-count the following three courses: ANT 110 Intro to Cultural Anthropology, SOC 301 Development of Socio-Cultural Theory, and one additional elective course approved by the department chair. Double majors who study abroad may complete elective courses for either major, and receive credit for an Anthropology methods requirement.

For a breakdown of how a student may complete both majors and fulfill liberal learning requirements within the major, please click here:  SOC-ANT Double Major brochure

Any student considering double majoring should speak with their faculty advisor and complete a four year planner such as  this example

If you want more information or are ready to declare a second major in Sociology or Anthropology, make an appointment the the Department chair and download and fill out   this form