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Study Abroad!

Study Abroad

Should Sociology and Anthropology majors study abroad? In a word, yes!  Our goal as a department is for ALL majors to study abroad. This is because studying abroad is an essential experience for completing your college education: for understanding your own society and global society, to gain professional skills like working with diverse populations, and to acquire the cosmopolitan perspective that can only come about by having the opportunity to compare your own society to another. Employers look very highly upon graduates with study abroad experience, as do graduate schools.

Think you can’t afford to study abroad? Think again! Many programs cost you exactly the same as what you would pay to attend TCNJ. These are the TCNJ-sponsored programs and the “TCNJ Exchange” programs. Some other programs in low-cost countries that are not in these two groups may also cost you the same or less than attending TCNJ for a semester.

Concerned that you may not be able to fulfill your major or minor requirements abroad? Not a problem! The Sociology major can be accommodated within a broad range of study abroad programs, on every inhabited continent. Many students choose to fulfill liberal learning or minor requirements through a study abroad program, as well.

Worried about navigating a foreign country on your own? Or do you hope to never speak English during your entire stay abroad? You can pick programs from a wide array of choices that range from more and less independence and more and less immersion: programs that involve living with other American students, with foreign students in dorms, or with local host-families. You can find programs that involve learning and traveling on field trips with fellow American students, while other programs allow you to enroll directly in classes in local universities with local and international students.

Explore study abroad options on TCNJ’s study abroad website, Arlotto Family Center for Global Engagement []. Be sure to look at summer, and semester-long program, as well as TCNJ-faculty led short (2-3 week) Maymester and Winter Term programs.

We recommend and encourage students to study abroad between the second semester of sophomore year and the first semester of senior year. Talk about it early with your advisor, and work carefully on planning your classes here and overseas to ensure on-time graduation. For more information, explore study abroad options on TCNJ’s study abroad website, and visit TCNJ’s study abroad office in the Arlotto Family Center for Global Engagement (Green Hall 111).

While many study abroad programs are well-suited for Sociology majors, the Department of Sociology and Anthropology particularly recommends the following:

Some TCNJ-Sponsored Programs

  • Italy, Bologna. – Highly recommended. No language requirement before arrival, opportunity to conduct independent research. Housing is in a dormitory with both American and Italian students. Program is centered on Social Justice and offers several travel tours each semester. This program is especially recommended for students interested in immigration issues and European social issues.
  • England, London – a number of courses offered on this program count directly towards the Sociology major and minor (with Department Chair approval). Program includes field trips, site visits, and guest lecturers.
  • Czech Republic, Prague – with so many academic options, the TCNJ Study Center in Prague is ideal for Sociology majors. Courses are all taught in English and offerings include courses in both Sociology and Anthropology. Internships may also be arranged. Students live in apartments arranged with help from local administrators from the program.
  • Spain, Alcalá de Henares – offered as a spring-semester program, this study abroad program is best suited for students with intermediate Spanish language skills who are looking to perfect their spoken and written Spanish. Students must meet the Spanish-language pre-requisites to apply. TCNJ Faculty serve as onsite program coordinator and students may choose to live in homestays or student residences.

TCNJ Exchange Programs

  • Australia: La Trobe University, Melbourne
    Most highly recommended Australian university for Sociology and Anthropology majors. Provides excellent opportunities for hands-on field research. Students live in student residences near campus. The academic year in Australia is a bit different from the US – “Semester 1″ corresponds to our Spring semester but takes place between February and June. “Semester 2″ corresponds to our Fall semester and runs from July to November.
  • Australia: University of Newcastle, Newcastle – Want to be near the beach? Then Newcastle may be for you. Two hours from Sydney, Univ. of Newcastle has many courses to choose from that will directly count towards the Sociology major. As TCNJ and the University of Newcastle are exchange partners, TCNJ students will pay TCNJ tuition (rather than a program fee from the host institution or study abroad program provider).  The costs for housing and meals will be determined by the host institution. Students will live in student residences on or near the Newcastle campus.
  • Australia: Victoria University, Melbourne – a very large urban university, Victoria University offers a wide variety of courses that will count towards the Sociology or self-designed Anthropology major and/or liberal learning requirements. Students live in student housing near the university.
  • England: Northumbria University, Newcastle-upon-Tyne – located in northeastern England, Northumbria University is a large university that offers courses in Sociology as well as other courses that may directly count towards the major and/or liberal learning. Students live in student residences on campus. Students receive on-site support from the Study Abroad office at NU.
  • England: University of Nottingham, Nottingham – Priority for this program is given to TCNJ English and History majors, but with a wide variety of courses offered, this program is suitable for the Sociology major as well. Interested students should speak to TCNJ Study Abroad Advisors to determine availability/eligibility.
  • Germany: Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main – TCNJ’s longest-running exchange program, The University of Franfurt hosts over 4,000 international students each year and has a strong support system for students who study there. While German is the main language of instruction, many classes are offered in English (though the particular courses offered in English vary from semester to semester). TCNJ students study in Frankfurt during the spring semester which runs from April to July. The TCNJ-Frankfurt exchange allows TCNJ students to pay their normal TCNJ tuition in order to study abroad.  All scholarships and financial aid awards will be honored.  Students will pay for their room and board in Frankfurt, and of course students will need to pay for an airline ticket and incidental expenses.
  • Ireland: University of Limerick, Limerick  – priority for this program is given to Psychology majors, but should there be additional availability, this program is ideal for Sociology majors looking to study in an English-speaking country.  Highly recommended for students interested in Ireland because this university is most similar in structure to U.S. universities and the least expensive of Irish universities. Interested students should speak to TCNJ Study Abroad Advisors to determine availability/eligibility.
  • Japan: Kansai Gaidai University, Hirakata/Osaka  –  No prior Japanese language skills or courses are required. KGU offers many courses in English, with a requirement to take one course in Japanese language. With an emphasis on Asian Studies, this program is ideal for students who are looking for a full cultural immersion. Students have the choice of living on campus or with local host families. The academic calendar runs similar to TCNJ with fall semester running from August to December and spring semester running from January to May. The TCNJ-KGU exchange allows TCNJ students to pay their normal TCNJ tuition in order to study abroad.  All scholarships and financial aid awards will be honored.  Students will pay for their room and board in Japan, and of course students will need to pay for an airline ticket and incidental expenses.
  • Tajikistan: Technological University of Tajikistan, Dushanbe – For students looking for a little adventure and a more unique program location, this program at TUT in Dushanbe is particularly well-suited for those interested in Central Asian studies. TUT provides opportunities for students to take Persian language classes while taking other liberal learning classes in English and Russian. Students who would like to learn more about this program or the Central Eurasian Studies minor should contact Dr. Jo-Ann Gross, Professor of History, at

Of course you should also consider Summer programs, Winter term programs, and faculty-led short-term study tours. All are excellent ways to learn about new cultures and yourself!