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4-year Course Sequences

Sociology is the study of group life. Thus, sociologists study the social and cultural forces that shape people’s behavior, beliefs, and relationships. This includes all types of social interaction—from economic to political to cultural, and the full range of social organization—from small groups to communities to nations. Sociologists emphasize the careful use of evidence and reason to expand our understanding of the social world. Sociology is a general liberal arts major appropriate for many careers in industry, education, and government as well as for graduate study in administration, health, law, social work, public policy, and the social sciences.

If you are interested in the major, or are simply curious as to what classes you should take next, here is the   SOC-4-YEAR-SEQUENCE. This document will provide you with a chart that outlines the suggested courses for Sociology majors each semester. Please remember that this is a suggested guide, as you do not need to take courses exactly when the outline states. The SOC-4-Year-Sequence is available to you to insure that you stay on track in order to graduate within four years.

We have also made available 4 year suggested course sequences for Sociology-Education majors:

  • Special Education/Sociology Suggested Course Sequence
  • Early Childhood Education/Sociology Suggested Course Sequence
  • Elementary Education/Sociology Suggested Course Sequence