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Alpha Kappa Delta

Chapter Xi of New Jersey

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International Sociology Honors Society

Alpha Kappa Delta

Alpha Kappa Delta derives its name from the first letters of the three Greek words.

  • “anthropon” = humankind
  • “katamanthanein” = to investigate thoroughly
  • “diakonesein” = for the purpose of service

When this phrase is translated freely, it expresses both the goal and the method of Alpha Kappa Delta:

“To study humankind for the purpose of service.”

The AKD International Sociology Honor Society was established in 1920 by Dr. Emory Bogardus at the University of Southern California.  Since its establishment in 1920, new chapters have been created all over the country in institutions with well organized departments of sociology.

To date, over 80,000 members in the United States, Canada, China, Finland, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Singapore have been initiated into the Society.  Our department is the chapter Xi of New Jersey.  Student membership is given only to those Sociology majors with outstanding academic achievement and contributions to the department.  While nominations are based on your academic achievement, there is a service element that needs to be fulfilled before you can be initiated as a full member.

2014 – 2015 E-Board:

  • President: Jason Hammer
  • Vice President: Sara Manzon
  • Treasurer: Mary Burns
  • Secretary: Stephanie Mallinas
  • Service Coordinator: Alexis Jaffe

Academic Requirements:

  • Sociology major
  • At least 3.3 Overall GPA
  • At least 3.3 GPA in Sociology, with at least 16 credits (4 units) completed

To be inducted as a Member of Chapter Xi, a candidate must:

  • Be eligible for candidacy
  • Participate for two semesters on the departmental newsletter, SocioNews
  • Serve as a student representative of the department at events (determined by the schedule of the department, school, and college)
  • Participate in community service, as determined by Chapter Xi during the individual’s candidacy period
  • Pay the lifetime membership fee ($40 in 2009)

Recent AKD Presidents:

  • 2014-15 President: Jason Hammer
  • 2013-14 Co-Presidents: Brianna Anthony and Jessica Scardino
  • 2012-13 Co-Presidents: Christian Mercado and Jessica Scardino
  • 2011-12 President: Rose Van Handel
  • 2009-10 Co-Presidents: Lisa Esposito, Erica Jungels, Sarah Michlik
  • 2008-09 Co-Presidents: Brittany Addeo, Jessica Godofsky, Caryn Monta
  • 2007-08 Co-Presidents: Emily Stark and Heather Measley
  • 2006-07 President: Katie Nosker
  • 2005-06 Co-Presidents: Florencia Hirsch and Beth Hurley
  • 2004-05 President: Dave Harker; Vice President: Christine Minerva
  • 2003-04: Co-Presidents: Ryan Androsiglio and Allison Gratton

Faculty Advisor:

Dr. Diane Bates
(609) 771-3176

Program Support:

Karen Dubrule
(609) 771-2670

Benefits of membership in AKD Chapter Xi:

  • Gain professional experience as a representative for the department
  • Gain professional experience as a participant in the production of SocioNews
  • Connection to a network of meritorious sociologists internationally
  • Connection to a network of outstanding sociology students here at TCNJ
  • Right to wear AKD honor cords at graduation
  • Eligibility for travel reimbursements to regional sociology conferences
  • Eligibility for competition in paper competitions
  • Great on your resume for applying to graduate schools and jobs

There is no application form for our program because students who meet these academic requirements will be notified of their nomination.  Students can choose to accept or decline the nomination.