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Financial Aid

Application for financial aid is not automatic. If you need assistance, make sure you obtain the proper application forms as early as possible. Deadlines for financial aid applications often come as early as the January preceding your expected enrollment date.

As with other forms, these should be filled out as neatly and completely as possible. Many schools are now utilizing the Graduate and Professional School Financial Aid Service (GAPSFAS) for determining financial aid distribution. Check with your undergraduate Financial Aid Office for application material. If they can not provide you with the proper forms you may obtain them by writing or calling:

Graduate and Professional School Financial Aid Service
Box 2614
Princeton, New Jersey 08540

Application Fees

Many schools will not act on your application until they have received your fee. If you cannot afford the fees find out if the school(s) have a “Fee Waiver” policy. Some schools will waive the fee if you can establish that you (and/or your family) do not have sufficient economic resources to pay the fee. Do this as early in the process as possible. Each school will have a different policy, so, check with all of them. NOTE: Application fees are non-refundable.

Assistantships and Fellowships

In many cases, these are handled by the academic departments outside the normal financial aid channels. Ask the department of the school you are applying specifically how to apply. Many departments will grant assistantships and fellowships in March.

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