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Choosing an Advisor

Before choosing an advisor, ask yourself:

  • What is the average time for a student to finish a Master’s Degree or Ph.D. with that advisor?
  • How much monetary support is there for research?
  • How independent is the research of the students?
  • How frequently is the advisor available?
  • Do the students present their work at national conferences? Who pays for attending such conferences?
  • Does the advisor take an active role in placing her/his students? Do students go into industry or academia?
  • Does your advisor give you a thesis problem or do you find your own?

Issues for women…

  • Is your prospective advisor sensitive to women’s issues?
  • It has been said: “do not attend a graduate school where there are no female faculty.” Talk to female graduate students in the department.
  • Do they have women’s support groups? What do they do? Do they have one specific to your field?
  • Is there a women’s center?

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