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Zachary Kline

Teacher-Fellow in Sociology

Headshot of Zachary Kline. Office: Social Science 339

Fall 2022 Office Hours: Mondays and Thursdays 11am-12:30pm and by appointment






Zachary D. Kline (Teacher-Scholar Fellow, Sociology) completed his M.A. at The University of Connecticut in 2018 where he plans to defend his Ph.D. thesis in Spring 2023. As a teacher-scholar fellow, Zack will collaborate across social science departments to develop a student-centered, active learning-based Introduction to Statistics for Social Scientists course. Recognizing that students often feel alienated or dehumanized by decontextualized statistics but still deeply valuing the potential of quantitative methods, Zack holds a pedological commitment to helping students of all backgrounds to develop an intuitive understanding of social statistics through practical examples, patience, and personal connections. Zack is a social stratification scholar whose teaching and research interests intersect with public policy, economic sociology, and urban sociology. His primary research agenda examines “choice” based social service programs that distribute services directly to individuals as “products” on a market. Methodologically, he employs quantitative and abcomputational techniques. More information about Zack’s teaching and research – including awards and peer-reviewed publications – can be found on his  website.*

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