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Entrance Exams

Most schools require applicants to take entrance examinations. Joint degree programs such as the MD/PhD or JD/MA generally require test scores for both areas.

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is used by most graduate schools as one factor in making admissions decisions. The GRE includes two pages of tests which may be taken together or separately. The general test evaluates general verbal, quantitative, and analytical ability. The subject test is given in more than 20 fields and evaluates your knowledge of a particular field of study and your ability to reason with and apply such knowledge.

Some schools or departments require both the general and subject tests; others require only the general. Check the admissions requirements before signing up for the tests. If you are in doubt about admissions criteria, it is well worth the trouble to check with the school’s admissions office.

The GRE application booklet contains information and sample questions to help you prepare for the test. There are also GRE practice books, which contain old tests and test taking strategies that may be purchased for usually less than $10.00.

The fee for taking the GRE may change from year to year. Read the application booklet for the current fee structure. There is a fee waiver plan for low income students who are receiving financial aid. Fee waiver application forms are available at the Financial Aid Office of your undergraduate institution.

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